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Petrucci Press has a simple mission; revolutionize music publication.

All scores are available for immediate purchase and download

We are currently in the process of converting our catalogue to the all-digital format. Please click here for the list of titles currently available.

The current model of music publishing has remained stagnate in the face of available technological innovations.  While some publishers using some of these advancements, the industry for the most part has done so with relatively slow adaptation. 

We believe scores should be available for full perusal on your time.  We also believe that having a recording of the piece is almost a necessity for evaluating a potential score quickly and efficiently.  We believe that you should not have to wait for orders/scores to be processed and shipped.  In an era when you can watch a live sporting event on your smart-device or stream a movie from an airplane, why should you need to wait 7-21 days for a piece of music?  Lastly, we believe that the pricing model for scores is cost-prohibitive at best.  The costs of music include various entities and resources or "overhead" which at one time, were necessary.  We also believe that there is a significant amount of unauthorized reproduction that has been occuring for many, many years.  The response of the industry has been to deal with the symptoms rather than the problem.  It makes sense as dealing with the root cause of the problem would eliminate parts of the industry.  The revolution is very similar to what happened wit the music industry at the turn of the century.  That industry reacted (eventually) by making music more accessible, on-demand, and reduced costs.  We intend to do the same.  


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